A Superb Wire Bedframe, A Reader Friendly Bathtub, And A Crazy Transforming Table

I’m going to admit that I haven’t been keeping my New Year’s Resolution to write more blogs. But that will change now for at least one blog! I’ve seen some really great furniture and furnishings lately and I want to share what I’ve seen.

Bed frames are always one of my favorite things to look at. There are so many different styles that they never get boring! One bed frame that really caught my attention recently is this wire bed frame. It has a very unique design. It looks like it’s floating on bubbles or maybe some reeds in a quiet calming marsh. Whatever it looks like to you I think we can agree that it is a very special design that is eye catching and delightful to look at!

Bathrubs are another home furnishing that I find so interesting. I’m the kind of person who likes to read while taking a bath so you wouldn’t believe how excited I was when I saw this bathtub that combines a bookshelf and a bathtub all in one! This is a great idea I think. It keeps the books safe but it makes them so easily accessible! If I had a tub like that one then I wouldn’t have to bring just one or two books with me when I go to take a bath and read. I could have many different books so close by! I think that this tub is practical and good looking.

Finally I also really like tables. They are such an essential piece of furniture in any home. I recently learned about a table that is very transformable. Just look at all the different ways that table can be laid out! It’s so amazing to me. I don’t think that table would ever get boring to look at because it can change so much. Every day it could be moved around into a different shape so that it looks like a new piece of furniture! I think it would also be great for rooms that have unusual shapes because it has different angles and I think it could conform to unusual corners very easily. This table is a real winner!

Well I hope that you find those as interesting as I have. They are so great to look at and I think they’d be very practical furnitures and furnishings too. I just can’t get enough of them!

This House Is Unbelieveable

I’ve been looking at the pictures of this house for some time now and I just can’t get over it! This house is out of this world! It has such a great design!

Just look at all of its sharp points and edges. It makes it look like a very ultra modern house that is made of metal. When I look at the outside of this house I think that it’s a no nonsense house that is into some pretty serious business!

The inside of the house is really swell. Some of the walls are at angles that aren’t 90 degrees and I think that this gives the house a really modern feel. The walls aren’t just walls but they are something more. They are part of a greater work of art!

That’s just what this house is I think. It’s a work of art on a grand scale. It is a really remarkable and unique house that has some great lines and some great design. Of all of the house designs that I’ve seen lately, I think that this one is a real winner in a lot of different ways. It’s a really great design.

Some Great Looking Chairs, Pendant Lamps And Bookshelves

Lighting, chairs and bookshelves are always some of my favorite things to write about. I’ve seen some really great lamps, bookshelves and chairs lately that I want to share with everyone!

First I will start with the chairs. These are the chairs that I’m talking about. Look at the picture of them if you haven’t already! You’ll see that they’ve got a really unique look to them. The article says that the padding is made from sheepskin and it makes the chairs look just like sheep too! This is a grand look and it makes the chairs look natural and alive to me. What a great design!

The bookshelf that I want to talk about is this bookshelf that has some really strange shapes. I don’t know what a Voronoi algorithm is but the shapes of the bookshelf are very compelling! I like how they are all so different and I don’t think that I see any two shelves that have the same shape. The cells or whatever they are called come in different shapes too so I think that this is great if you’ve got some books that are small and some books that are medium sized and some books that are large. It looks to me like there’s a space for all of them! This is just such a great design for a bookshelf. It feels so organic but it also looks very practical.

Last but not least I want to write about some great pendant lamps that I learned about recently. Lamps are always one of my favorite things to write about! Just look at those lamps. They have a simple shape but they also have some very nice textures. From those pictures it looks to me like a lot of care and quality goes into each lamp that’s made. That’s probably why they look so great! They are built with love.

Well those are some home furnishings that I’ve learned about recently that I think have some really great designs to them. I just can’t get enough of good looking chairs, bookshelves and lamps like those!

My New Year’s Resolution: To Write More Blogs

Well I just can’t believe it! It was a year ago that I wrote about my New Year’s Resolution to use more capital letters in my writing. I did a good job with it until the beginning of April but then I got extremely extremely extremely busy with home design and decorating and I just didn’t have any time to do my blog writing! That’s why I’m making my 2013 New Year’s Resolution to be to write more blogs. I’ve got a lot to say and I know that there are lots of people who want to read it. Happy New Year everybody!

These Lamps Absolutely Amaze Me

Lamps are always one of my favorite topics to write about. I just like everything about lamps! Well lately I’ve seen some lamps that I think are superb and I want to share them with you so that you can enjoy them just as much as I have.

The first lamp I want to write about is this one. Just look at it and its beautiful curve. It’s a gradual curve that’s very comforting and calm. It gently places the light right over the table. That’s just the place where you want the lamp when you’re going to be eating breakfast or dinner at that table. I think that that lamp is a real winner.

I have also seen some other unique lamps. One of these lamps is this lamp. It has a tube shape but there are many circular holes throughout the shade. This gives it a very nice mesh pattern. I really like the legs of the lamp too. They look great when the one in front crosses over the ones in the back. This is great appearance is possible because the legs are like made of bent metal rods or something. It’s not a complicated lamp but it still has some unique patterns in it and these patterns come together to make it look very eye catching.

The last lamp I want to share today is this very vintage lamp. If you don’t believe me that it’s a very vintage lamp I urge you to look at the pictures! I think you’ll see what I mean. It’s a very old style lamp but I think it would look great in a modern house. The contrast of the modern house with such a vintage lamp would be very eye catching. It’s the kind of lamp that may look out of place in a very modern room but just because it’s so traditional and vintage it then ends up becoming post modern and it actually fits very well with the modern room! Vintage lamps and other furniture often have that effect when they’re put in a modern room. You’d think there’d be a lot of time clash but they actually go together very well and the result can be very spectacular.

Well those are some lamps that I saw lately that I thought you might like to look at too. I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did when I first read those articles! These lamps absolutely amazed me.

These Are Some Great Looking Chairs And Stools

Chairs are always one of my favorite topics to write about and right now I want to share some great chairs and stools that I’ve seen lately.

The first chair I want to share with you is this garden chair. It has such a great looking design! It’s like a mesh and just look at the great shadow the chair casts! The shadow reminds me of a glorious spider web in the morning dew. This is a very eye catching chair and I think it has a great mesh pattern that looks great but isn’t overbearing either.

The next chair I want to share is this hanging chair made from volcanic rock! Everything about these hanging chairs is superb. I am really impressed that they are hanging chairs because hanging chairs aren’t the kind of chair that you see very often! But these chairs are really great to see because they look great and I haven’t sat in one of them but it looks like they would be very comfortable too. These chairs look like a nest for people to relax in! They aren’t completely solid so light can come into the inside and I think that this is a good idea because it makes these chairs practical for reading in before taking a relaxing nap. I’m really impressed by these chairs! They look so great!

I also want to point out this chair that I also think looks great. It’s made from round pieces of wood that are joined together with a technology that sounds like it’s out of this world! Take a look at the pic in the article to see what I mean. It’s a unique looking chair and I think its design is really great.

There are also some stools that I’ve seen lately that I really like the look of. The first stools I want to mention are these stools. Each one has a very unique design and shape because the manufacturing method is explosive! Check out the article for more info!

The last stool I want to share is this stool made from rattan. It has a totally great look because it’s made from u-shaped pieces of rattan that are weaved into a very unique pattern. This look reminds me of brushes or carpet or grass even. It’s a very special look for sure. This stool combines a very natural look with a some great curves.

So those are the stools and chairs that I saw lately and wanted to share with you. I hope you liked looking at their pics as much as I did! They’re all very great looking chairs and stools in my opinion and it was a pleasure to see them.

These Are Some Glorious Looking Baskets

Weaved baskets are something that I love to look at. The patterns can be so intricate and intricate patterns catch my eye. Just look at these baskets for example.

Those baskets have some great weaved patterns. The colors are really great too. The weave pattern mixes with the colors and together they create some willow baskets that are just so great to look at! I think that these baskets would be very flexible for storing all sorts of stuff and they’d also make a room look just great I think.

It’s A Simple Wooden Desk But It Has Great Curves

Tables and desks are always one of my favorite subjects to write about. One great desk that I saw some pics of recently is this one. It has some truly amazing curves!

The curves I’m talking about are the ones at the corners where the top of the desk meets and becomes the legs. Thanks to these great curves the legs of the desk become one with the top of the desk. I think that this gives a great appearance to the desk where the sides blend right into the stop.

Another great set of curves on this desk are the ones at the very bottom of the legs. These are very pointed and sharp curves and I think it’s a style that suits this desk really well. These sharp curves give some great contrast to the gentler curves at the top where the desk top and the desk legs meet.

This desk really has some great curves for initially looking so simple! There are gradual curves and there are sharp curves and they all come together with a great looking wood appearance to create a great looking desk.

There Are Just So Many Great Hanging Pendant Lamps

Lighting is always one of my favorite topics to write about. Well today I’m very happy to be writing about some great hanging pendant lamps that I’ve seen lately.

The first ones that I want to talk about are these very vibrant lamps. I like everything about this style of lamp. The shapes are great and the colors are great too. The colors are just so vibrant and eye catching! I really like the lamp in the top photo because it has so many great colors mixed into one lamp.

The second hanging lamps I want to talk about are these lamps. They look like they are made of paper but apparently they are actually made of concrete! That’s amazing! They really remind me of home crafts and because of this I think they look great.

The last lamps I want to write about are these lamps. I like everything about them! The colors are great and the honeycomb shape is really great too. The colors of some of those lamps do look just like tasty sweet honey. I never thought that I would get hungry for honey just by looking at some lamps! The honeycomb shape does look like actual honeycombs though and this also makes me think of bees and nature.

So there you have it. Those are some hanging pendant lamps that I read about recently and they all looked so great to me. I hope you like looking at them as much as I did!

More Lamps That Are Great Examples Of Reuse

It was just earlier today that I wrote about some great lamps made from old fire extinguishers that I’d seen a pic of earlier. Now I’ve seen more great lamps that make really great examples of reusing something else to create a great looking lamp.

While the other lamps were made from empty fire extinguishers these lamps are made from old washing machine drums! The drums like become the lamp shades and then they’re decorated with other material and the end result is just superb in my opinion!

Just look at all of the different varieties and options and all of the many many different possibilities! I especially like the one that uses the fake turf grass material because it has a natural look but at the same time it also looks artificial. It’s a blending of the real and fake and the end result in my opinion is one great looking lamp!

Another one of the designs that I really like is the one with the yellow measuring tape wrapped around it. From a distance I think it’d just look like a normal yellow lamp shade but when you get close you’d see the markings on the measuring tape and it’d become obvious that it was in fact a very unique lamp shade that looks really amazing!

I’m always impressed with lamps and lamps that are made out of reused items like washing machine drums and measuring tape and fake grass and even corks can really make my day!