A Superb Wire Bedframe, A Reader Friendly Bathtub, And A Crazy Transforming Table

I’m going to admit that I haven’t been keeping my New Year’s Resolution to write more blogs. But that will change now for at least one blog! I’ve seen some really great furniture and furnishings lately and I want to share what I’ve seen.

Bed frames are always one of my favorite things to look at. There are so many different styles that they never get boring! One bed frame that really caught my attention recently is this wire bed frame. It has a very unique design. It looks like it’s floating on bubbles or maybe some reeds in a quiet calming marsh. Whatever it looks like to you I think we can agree that it is a very special design that is eye catching and delightful to look at!

Bathrubs are another home furnishing that I find so interesting. I’m the kind of person who likes to read while taking a bath so you wouldn’t believe how excited I was when I saw this bathtub that combines a bookshelf and a bathtub all in one! This is a great idea I think. It keeps the books safe but it makes them so easily accessible! If I had a tub like that one then I wouldn’t have to bring just one or two books with me when I go to take a bath and read. I could have many different books so close by! I think that this tub is practical and good looking.

Finally I also really like tables. They are such an essential piece of furniture in any home. I recently learned about a table that is very transformable. Just look at all the different ways that table can be laid out! It’s so amazing to me. I don’t think that table would ever get boring to look at because it can change so much. Every day it could be moved around into a different shape so that it looks like a new piece of furniture! I think it would also be great for rooms that have unusual shapes because it has different angles and I think it could conform to unusual corners very easily. This table is a real winner!

Well I hope that you find those as interesting as I have. They are so great to look at and I think they’d be very practical furnitures and furnishings too. I just can’t get enough of them!